Nikki’s Delightful Treats Italian Icee started as a vision of owner LaKeysha Thornton, as LaKeysha studied accounting at the University of Hampton the more she learned about business and accounting, the more she pushed to make her vision become a reality.  The summer of 2014 created a platform whereby LaKeysha’s passion really bore fruit and grew into a thriving pushcart enterprise.

What do you get when you combine fresh fruit, fruit puree, filtered water and sugar? A cool, refreshing treat, better known as NIKKI’S DELIGHTFUL TREATS Italian Icee. There are over 20 varieties of Italian ice, NIKK’s flavors span the taste spectrum,  including chocolate, cherry, banana and even tropical flavors such as mango, coconut and pina colada. Nikki’s Delightful Treats Italian Icee truly reflects its motto: Live Life to the Coolest!

Nikki’s Mission

We strive to become a nationally recognized Italian Ice Company. We will succeed by following a plan. We will develop enthusiastically satisfied customers all the time. This will be achieved by scooping P.E.R.F.E.C.T.L.Y

Our Guiding Principles

P assionately Serving Up Ice

E nergetic and Informative Staff

R eacting to Customers Needs in a Timely Manner

F lavor and Product Innovators

E ntertaining Atmosphere

C onsistent Quality Products

T eamwork 

L ive life to it’s coolest

Y ou’ll never be disappointed